I Miss You

When I was a kid, oh how I would play
I could run around outside for all of the day

When nighttime came and blocked out the sun
the safety of the courtyard provided good clean fun

All bathed and powered up and ready to sit on the bench
the most that would harm me was the dump and it's stench

The first girl I kissed and she returned the kiss to me
after that night, the same in my life I would never be

It was in PT that I got that first kiss
I'd sure like to tell her, that she was first on my list

I often tell my kids that there were days like this
and these are the times that I sorely miss

I know that these days won't come again
but it's going to be great remembering when

When my heart was so, oh so very light
the bad times that would come were nowhere in sight

I had no idea it would ever be like this
when all of my friends, I would so dearly miss

I thank God for now, because I've gotten another chance
to see my old friends and maybe have my last dance

I do not know what will happen to me
for into the future I cannot see

But this one thing I definitely do know
to the PT reunion I am going to go

There were those who were with us the last time we met
They won't be with us this time, they've gone to pay their debt

I won't think of anything bad, I won't think of anything blue
because right now, I'm right here with you

I'm going to laugh and I'm sure that I'll cry
but I know that my spirits will be as high as the sky

We'll two-step, we'll swing, we'll bump and some might grind
We'll recall the dances from way back in time

We'll slide, uncle Willie and the boogaloo
we're going to party, laugh and do all the things that we used to do

I greet you with love and I leave you with love
and I pray that one day we'll all meet up above

I love you

Author: Unknown 

We're Gonna Have A Party Good Time
We're Gonna Have A Party Good Time
We're Gonna Have A Party Good Time
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