My name is Sonny Gardner.  My family moved to PT in 1963.  We lived in building 21 until my parents moved out in 1975.  My brothers are Greg, Andy, Tony, Dan, Richard and Robert.  My sisters are Rhodie, Margaret Faye, Laura Ann and Sparkle.

I graduated from Whittier in 1964 and Bassick in 1968 with guys like Chucky Howard, Harrison Taylor, Skippy Garner, Sam Morey, Garry Geter and Jimmy Geter.

I am an original committee member for the PT Reunion.  Each reunion has been great and each one gets larger and better.  The Reunion of July 2002 was our biggest and 2004 wasn't bad at all.  Before you know it, the Reunion of 2015 will be here.  Please start planning on attending.

I look forward to seeing you at the reunion of 2015.

Sonny Gardner
Committee Member

Sonny Gardner